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Reliable parting and grooving

To securely machine deep grooves or part off with long overhang, look no further than CoroCut® QD. The system of tools with over- and under coolant and a rigid clamping mechanism is now enhanced even further. By adding CoroTurn® SL blades to the assortment, flexible machining of both internal and external grooves is possible. 

CoroCut QD - the most reliable system for parting off



Tailor made
CoroCut QD tools and inserts can be tailored to your needs.

CoroCut QD

Coromant Publications

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​Steel turning endurance

Equipped with Inveio™, GC4325 and GC4315 are grades that bring endurance, predictability and long tool life to your steel turning operations.



GC4325 – first choice for steel turning

GC4325 ensures the same reliable performance in the most varying conditions and is the first choice grade when turning steel. Now also available for CoroCut® 1-2, for parting and grooving applications.

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GC4315 – your option for high metal removal rate

With an extensive offer of inserts, GC4315 is now available for most steel turning applications where high metal removal rate due to high speed or long time in cut is needed.

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CoroCut 1-2

Efficient face grooving

In face grooving, chips easily get stuck in the curved groove, leading to insert breakage. CoroCut® 1-2 shank tools combine high precision coolant with a stable spring clamping solution which securely evacuates the chips for an undisturbed machining process.

Tailor made 

CoroCut® 1-2

CoroDrill® 808

Deep hole machining

The Single Tube System (STS) is optimal for deep holes and, due to high coolant velocity, difficult materials.

CoroDrill® 808 is designed to be used in the STS system. Produced with the latest technology, its brazed carbide tips provide a secure performance in difficult chip-breaking materials and uneven structures.

CoroDrill® 808

CoroDrill® 880

Secure drilling of large diameter holes

CoroDrill® 880 is designed for reliability and process security for large diameter holes. The robust drill body is equipped with replaceable cartridges which can be selected to machine a range of prespecified diameters.The resulting advantage is being able to use the same drill body for a 5 mm (0.197 inch) diameter range.

CoroDrill® 880


Cutting lead times in gear manufacturing

Machining gears normally requires dedicated tools for the specific gear profile. With the patented InvoMilling™ process it is possible to use the same cutters for different gear profiles. By changing the CNC program instead of changing the tool, the time from receiving an order for a component and delivering it can be greatly reduced.


Agile gear manufacturing

The precision gear milling cutters CoroMill® 161 and CoroMill® 162, optimized for InvoMilling, let you use the same tools for different gear profiles. This means that machining can start right away instead of having to wait for an engineered tool, ideal when machining small batches and when short lead times are a priority.

CoroMill® 171

Quick and easy gear milling

The CoroMill® 171 cutters for small modules are easily applied in machining centres, multi-task machines and turning centres, making it possible to machine complete components in one set-up. Gears and splines made in hobbing machines or sub-contracted out can instead be machined in your own workshop using existing machines.

CoroMill® 171


Transmission manufacturing

Large volume production, common for the automotive industry, is very sensitive to any machine-tool stoppages. When producing transmission components, high machine utilization is a crucial aspect. With high quality tools from Sandvik Coromant machining down time is led to a minimum.


Oil and gas

Oil and gas component manufacturing

Machining large and complex components makes process security an important concern. To meet the security requirements and keep cutting data high simultaneously is challenging. This especially applies when machining with long overhang. Our solutions for quickly removing substantial amounts of metal without losing process security or component quality are up for the task.

Oil and gas

CoroMill® 171

Profile milling cutters with Coromant EH coupling

CoroMill® 300 and CoroMill® 216 are now available with Coromant EH coupling, giving all the benefits of modularity. The rigid coupling makes it possible to do profiling with long reach using shanks. Combine the heads with integrated machine adaptors to gain stability and high metal removal rates when gauge line is critical.

Secure machining of slender components

When long chips, vibration or deflection is a challenge, the high precision coolant of these cutting units minimizes the risk of insert breakages, chip jamming and machine stoppages. Extension of cutting units with Coromant Capto® interface for coolant pressure up to 200 bar (2900 psi).

CoroTurn® 107

Multi-material tapping solution

CoroTap™ -XM, a multi-material tapping solution that features CoroTap 200 for through hole and CoroTap 300 for blind hole is now represented in more sizes in Metric, Metric Fine and UNC. New range for G-threads is now available as well.

CoroTap™ -XM

High feed face milling cutter

CoroMill® 419 has a new design for cutters with diameter under 40 mm (1.570 inch) enabling ramping.

This applies for cutters purchased after 1 October 2014.

Tailor Made options are now available, making it possible to tailor the tool to fit your specific requirements.

CoroMill® 419

High-precision hydraulic chuck

Two products in CoroChuck 930 C4 Slender version are now upgraded. New products have the same outer diameter as flange on the coupling and are better suitable for a modular use. New interface for Coromant Capto® C3 Slender for diameter 12 mm shanks (0.472 inch) is now available.

CoroChuck™ 930

Machine interface​ adaptors

Our entire assortment of steep taper machine interface adaptors is now converted to provide ADB coolant, which means that coolant can enter either through the centre or the flange.

Coromant Capto®

Pre-measurement outside the machine

Enables presetting of Coromant Capto® cutting units in measuring machines with steep taper size 50.

Coromant Capto® interface: C4–C8

Coromant Capto®

Service offer

Our toolbox of services is designed to increase your profitability, efficiency, sustainability and knowledge not only in the field of metal cutting. We offer ideas and solutions that will give your company the competitive edge and help to free up your time.



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